Friday, September 2, 2011

Doberman Dog

 Beginning Doberman Pinscher was developed by Friedrich Louis Dobermann in 1890, this ajing developed as companion dogs are loyal, obedient, intelligent and always alert to the surrounding environment.
Doberman Pinscher breed has a stocky body and strong, endurance and agility are very good, his attitude was always energetic and daring Doberman Pinscher therefore some dogs act fatherly help dikepolisian and military jobs.
Doberman Pinscher dog has a medium body size that is to the ideal of 66 to 72 cm, in some areas is only 61-68 cm and weight for males 34-45 kg is that for the female 21-41 kg.

These dogs have a different appearance with the dog usually, because mostly Doberman Pinscher dog is cut into a short tail and ears trimmed so that it can be seen standing erect, of course, to pass up on the handle by a veterinarian.
Doberman Pinschers have many health problems such as the dogs generally. Health problems in general because anjign congenital or hereditary genes. And keeping in inherited diseases; 

-dilated cardiomyopathy
--von Willebrand's (bleeding disorder)
prostatiti prostate diseases such as bacteria, cysts, prostate, prostate adenocarcinoma, and benign hyperplasia
-Dilated cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of death in Doberman Pinschers and the disease is not known the cause, allegedly due to inherited genetic factors.
Doberman Pinscher for it if your pet has a health disorder you should take specialist veterinary medicine.

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